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Access to desktop and mobile display traffic for dating and non-dating offers promotion by CPC/CPM models

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Real-time statistics provides you with fresh data to base your optimization decisions on

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Our own high-quality members area traffic which consists of exclusive audience

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Smart target options (GEO, Device type, OS, etc)

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Efficient retargeting

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24/7 support

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Different payment models (CPC, CPM, revshare)

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Regular payments

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24/7 support

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Iframe, direct link, JSON, JS , OpenRTB, XML integration

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Trusted offers and advertisers only

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AD formats

Classic display banners 300x100, 300×250, 728×90, 900×250 and other popular sizes
Creative: jpeg, png, gif
Bidding: CPM, CPC



Classic display banners 400x100, 300×350, 728×90, 900×250 and other popular sizes
Creative: jpeg, png, gif
Bidding: CPM, CPC

Push notifications

Push Notifications are short messages sent to subscribers of the website. Includes consists of two images, a brand name and a headline


It opens in a window under the tab that the user intended to visit. Very effective way to capture user’s attention

Navigation tab

A button with an ads message which appears on the navigation bar. Effective way to catch users’ attention while searching

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TrafficHunt − is a global marketing agency and Ad network, which has operated since 2013. Our self-served platform gives a wide range of tools both for advertisers and publishers. TrafficHunt is focused on leads generation and promotion of various products and verticals. We provide HQ traffic for offers and use individual approach in creation of funnels to achieve high performance of the campaigns.

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Easy integration

Just copy paste a simple code into your web pages to start monetizing traffic on the TOP rates on the market. It requires minimum time and effort.

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Real-time data reporting

Track the performance of each ad spot in real time – check what type of ads work best for you, what offers convert better and optimize the monetization process on-the-go.

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Bi-weekly payments

You get paid bi-weekly and are able to choose the suitable payment methods. Currently we offer payouts by Paxum, Capitalist, Wire Transfer, USDT.

How to create campaign

Check out our detailed guide on how to set up campaign here

Target options

Geo targeting, time targeting, language, browser, OS, device, carrier, retargeting

S2S tracking

S2S Postback URL. Server-to-Server (S2S) tracking is a more complicated, but better way of tracking information about the user and what he clicked on. This method generates a click ID value via an HTTP request that is used for tracking.

Minimum payment

$200 for advertisers

Payment methods

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