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What is

The concept of retargeting is simple. The idea is to target specific users who have already shown interest in your product or service. In general, only about 2% of potential buyers will actually complete their purchase on the first visit to a site. Retargeting helps to bring back the other 98%.

How does retargeting work?

To begin retargeting your visitors, you only need to place a small snippet of code in the footer of your site on the pages you want to retarget. This code will place a transparent cookie on your visitors' browser, allowing TrafficHunt to retarget these potential customers when they visit other websites.

Why is retargeting so effective

Retargeting can increase sales by putting your banners in front of people who are more likely to make a purchase when they return to your site. With every view of your retargeted ads, your brand gains attraction and more recognition. Higher than normal click-through rates and increased conversions are typical of retargeting campaigns.

A visitor comes to your site

Later, user surf the web and sees your add

Users goes back to your site

Potential customers become paying customers

ad was targeted to only your website visitors

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