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TrafficHunt is a platform that is instantly recognizable to you. It’s easy to access, manage and report on your ad campaigns. We’ve built a best in class ad network platform to match the high converting inventory of our publishers.

Post Click Tracking and Analytics

We speak your language and know what you want to see. Track CTR, sales and ROI in real time with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

Next Generation Targeting

Keep your brand in front of an engaged audience. Bring them back to your site with extensive re-targeting options.

Segmentation via platform and Geo Targeting

Wherever your audience converts, that’s where you will be. We’ll help you target your audience whether by web or mobile, by niche site, by country, by keyword searches or even category.

Multiple Ad Formats

Your highest converting creatives, whatever the format, will find a home across our network. Static HTML ads, flash, animated, pop-unders, site takeovers, skins, IM chats, customized text ads and more are available on the TrafficHunt network.

Real Time Bidding and Statistics

What you see is what you get when bidding on TrafficHunt. Bid for impressions with complete transparency and know in real time if your ad is effective.
Over a billion impressions served monthly. Get some!
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